Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As the years went on. This corner bar had a back room added on to it. It now could seat people to eat. I believe it was one of the first smorgasboards in the Sayreville area. For the younger generation it was all you could eat for one price. I'm talking real food ,Pasta of course being Italian, you had to have pasta, shrimp , and clams and king crab legs and one of the first places to serve frogs legs! The people filled the place. They couldn't get enough of the great food and dessert. I believe it was maybe $2.50 for all you could eat, just imagine that. Well anyway after a few years of just the food business , the owner had purchased more of land, and decided to build a bowling alley. The place at that time was called cozy joe's...... Pizza, food , beer and wine and a bowling alley.... the best pizza you could sink your teeth into. What fun times. Just imagine if you will being able to do all of that, under one roof. Great times! Great memories , is there anyone out there that remembers the bowling alley ? Everyone was there, it was the late 50's into the 60's when familes still did things together. Mom and dad, the kids and maybe even grand pa and grand ma.

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